Stop Neighbor Dog From Barking

Bringing In The Authorities

Let's assume that you've already done what you can to stop neighbor dog from barking. You've been to the neighbor's house and politely informed him that his dog is disturbing the neighborhood. You've named off three or four neighbors who agree with you that this is a problem.

If this hasn't worked, you'll probably need to get help. You'll either need to talk with your local police department or you'll need to call animal control. Either way, you'll want some tips going into it if you hope to get that dog to quiet down.

Animal Control Support

If you live in a larger community you'll probably work with animal control if you have a barking dog next door. Procedures for animal control vary as widely as their policies, so you'll have to talk to them about their procedures when you call.

Generally speaking, you'll probably have to file a written complaint. If your animal control has a website, you might be able to download the form right there and save yourself (and animal control) some time.

Animal control will then send a letter to your neighbor's house warning him there's been a complaint. This probably won't fix the problem, but it might.

More than likely, you'll file another complaint a week later, and animal control will send another letter. Then you'll file another complaint and animal control will send an officer to the neighbor's house.

You'll have to be consistent here if you want to achieve your goal of a peaceful neighborhood. But animal control can and will help. Most of their job is educating the public about proper care of their animals, but they have the authority to issue fines, take animals away, and even make arrests if necessary.

Police Support

In many communities, there is no animal control per se. This is the case in most smaller communities. For communities like this the police handle everything. You'll need to call them if you can't resolve the issue yourself.

Notice that I said, "If you can't resolve the issue yourself." This is going to be a huge key to success if you want to stop neighbor dog from barking. If you call the cops, they're going to want to know you've done everything you can to resolve the issue yourself.

Takes notes about dates and times when you've talked with your neighbor about the problem and jot down your neighbor's response. If your notes can make it clear to the police that you've tried to be a good neighbor, but he is being uncooperative, you'll have a better chance of success.

Also, if possible, take video footage if you can. If the neighbor barking dog is keeping you up and night, you might as well use that awake time to make a more solid case with the police.

You probably won't have to file a formal complaint on the first call, but you might want to ask when you call.

If you have no other recourse to stop neighbor dog from barking, you may have to resort to contacting law enforcement officials. It's time consuming and disappointing to have to go this route, but sometimes you just have to do it.

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