Dog Bark Collar

Which Is The Best One For Your Dog?

A good dog bark collar can provide the perfect solution for those owners that have a dog that won't stop barking, yet don't have the time or patience to be consistent with other training methods.

The beauty of dog bark collars is that they are designed to do the training for you. All you have to do is put it on your dog and let it work, and the variety is bigger than you might think.

The question here is, which collar is right for you? And which is most effective at stopping a barking dog? We've listed here the 3 most effective types...

Spray Collars

These are great little collars that work on one simple principle. If the dog barks, spray citronella in front of his nose.

Dogs don't like citronella much, so you can imagine what a distraction this is from whatever he was barking at. Plus, dogs have really sensitive noses, so a burst of citronella in front of his nose would be like spraying skunk scent directly in front of your nose. Now that's a deterrent!

A smart dog gets the picture after just a couple blasts of citronella. Don't bark, and you don't get a noseful. After a couple of days with the new barking collar, you can go back to his old collar again. Once in a while you might have to break out the citronella collar for a little bit of reminder training.

Rest assured, citronella does not harm the dog in any way, nor will the spray go off when he’s not barking, only when he does.

Ultra Sonic Collars

If you don't want to bother refilling the spray collar with citronella and water mixture, you might want to try an ultrasonic collar. It really works on a similar principle. When your dog barks, he gets some unpleasant conditioning.

In this case, it isn't unpleasant to the nose, it's unpleasant to the ears. These ultra sonic collars emit a sound that's too high pitched for humans to hear, and very unpleasant for dogs to hear. It has the same effect as scratching your fingers down a chalkboard. It doesn't harm your ears at all, but gives you the willies to the core.

A couple of barks with an ultrasonic collar around his neck and your dog will become as quiet as a mouse in no time. You won't hear anything but a bark or two, followed by a whimper, and then the beauty of silence.

Static Bark Collars…

With this particular dog bark collar, the unpleasant sensation isn't related to the ears or the nose, but an irritation in his neck.

When your dog barks, the bark control collar senses the vibrations in his neck and sends a mild current into his skin. This current surprises your dog, creating a great distraction. The more he barks, the more surprises, and he quickly gets the hint to stop barking if he wants those unpleasant sensations to go away.

As with both the spray collar and the ultra sonic collar, once the training is done, your dog can go back to his normal collar. If he needs a little bit of retraining you can bring out his bark collar again.

Barking dog collars are a wonderful invention for the family on the go. It allows you to train your dog to stop barking even when you're not able to be at home training him. If you're really busy, these collars make an excellent choice, and they’re safe for your dog too!

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