Stop Barking Dogs

Exercise Could Be The Key

When trying to stop barking dogs, you may be surprised to find out that one of the reasons they bark is because their bored. In order to stop dog barking, owners have found that simply exercising the energy out of their dog fixes much of the problem.

Even if you have a big backyard where your dog spends much of his time, he may not be getting enough exercise. Check out these tips for exercising your pooch.

Exercise Together

If you sit in an office all day you probably need exercise as much as you dog does. Why not share some time with your dog? You'll both get some great exercise and you'll cut out a great deal of your dog's barking problem.

The best way to exercise with your dog is to simply take him for a walk. Walking tones muscles, burns extra fat, and gives both of you a fantastic cardiovascular workout. A good walk a couple times a day will burn off your dog's excess energy and make him too tuckered to talk.

There are, of course, variations to walking the dog. If you're a runner, you could go for a run. If your dog tends to go faster than you can physically handle, you could ride bike while letting your dog lope along at your side.

With any of these exercise ideas, make sure you know how much you dog can handle. You want to burn off excess energy, not burn your dog out (or worse).

Play Games To Stop Barking Dogs

If you want to exercise your dog without breaking a sweat yourself, there are several games you can play with her. She'll have a great time, she'll burn off energy, and you won't have to overexert yourself. You can even get your kids to do it and get them some exercise too.

Fetch is a classic dog game that always gives your dog a great workout. Toss a stick or your dog's favorite ball. Make her run all over the yard and get that energy out of her system.

Playing fetch with a Frisbee adds some features to a doggie workout. If you can throw the Frisbee right, you can get it to hover temptingly above your dog enticing her to jump. She'll get a running and jumping workout and you'll both have fun spending some quality time together.

You could also play Tug-of-War. However, if you choose to play this game, it's wise to make sure your dog will drop on command before you play. Tug-of-War is a great energy burning game, but it can encourage aggression in your dog. She must know when to stop the game. You don't want to get rid of a barking habit only to encourage another bad habit in your dog.

There are a ton more dog games as well as exercises you can do with your dog. Some of them are rather elaborate and give your dog a much more rounded workout, but these will certainly get you on track to calm the barking habit in your dog.

Timing of your playtime with your dog can be beneficial as well. Does your dog bark during the day while you're at work? Then really exercise him just before you leave for work. Does he bark during the middle of the night? Then try a brisk playtime just before you turn in.

As stated before, exercise is critical for your dog's health, but, if you want to stop barking dog, exercise is an important part of that process. So, get your dog out and burn off some of that barking energy.

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